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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. 4:30 on this friday morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories, a well known doctor from clear water accused of a disturbing crime, raping a patient and now the neurosurgeon is out on jail on bond. police arrested dr. john drygas. one victim claims he took
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dr. drygas faces sexual battery charges. things are heated in new hampshire. a debate is trending online. the two left in the field were not afraid to take jabs. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack, who is not raising huge sums of money. >> if you have something to say, say it directly. >> in the latest nbc poll, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by 20 points. this is the first time they debated without martin o'malley. boaters are getting ready for a big race. officials have a warning for spectators no drones. organizers worry the unmanned air craft could pose a danger to the drivers. if a drone is spotted, the vent will be spotted until it is removed. it is 4:31. a lot of kids have the day off of the school to go to the fair. >> that's right. hillsborough county, not in
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you're getting ready to go to the fair, if it will be fair weather meaning lots of sunshine but it will be chilly. the clouds are clearing out as we speak. it will be sunny, but it is not going to be warm. we're already at 45 in crystal river and inverness and the temperatures will continue to drop for the next three and a half hours or so. 50 in lakeland. cooler air spreading south. the further south you go into sarasota and highlands, temperatures are warmer in the mid-50's but everybody is colder than yesterday by some 20 degrees in some cases and then on top of everything, the winds are strong, right out of the north. consistent at 15 to 20 miles an hour but the individual stronger gusts go well into the 30s. so you certainly need the coat today. 10 degrees below average this afternoon with a high of 61 so in weather and traffic on the 8's on 4:38 i have an eight-day temperature trend that shows you we stay cool for awhile. you want to stay tuned for this.
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>> we went back to winter. >> we're going back to traffic now. we have this disabled jack knifed vehicle. let's look here and you can see, oh, traffic is being routed around it. that is never a good thing. a little bit slow approaching. it route it around onto the surface streets and then back, back on to dale mabry highway. keep this in mind, again, right around urlich. hopefully they'll have that out of there soon. that is a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. broward county is the newest county on the list as part of the zika health emergency. now governor rick scott wants the centers for disease control to take action before the virus spreads. there are now a dozen cases reported in florida. the governor wants the cdc to provide 1,000 test kits for the virus. the state only has enough to test 500 people. 4,000 more kits are ordered by the department of health.
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constant communication with local hospitals, county health offices and the cdc to ensure we're prepared to prevent the spread of the zika virus in florida. >> the public health emergency impacts five counties including right here in hillsborough. carnival cruise lines is trying to keep the passengers safe by offering cruise credits for those concerned about the zika virus. they're not aware of any reported viruss on the ships but carnival is offering future cruise credits and chances for travellers to reschedule or reroute their trip. this morning, thousands of ucf students' alumni and employees will learn whether hackers stole their personal information. >> it is a big story at ucf. the university of central florida is sending out letters about the major data breach. lindsey mastis is following this story from us from the morning alert center. what kind of information should they have?
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central florida admits a hacker got access to 65,000 social security numbers. the school found out about it last month but they're just now sending out letters to let victims know. those letters should start arriving next week. the school insists the hacker did not get any credit card information, financial or medical records, and that no grades are affected. the school is using a national digital forensics firm to help investigate. they're working on improving the online security to try to keep this from happening again. the university is also offering one free year of credit monitoring and identity protection. we have this story on our facebook page so be sure to share it with friends and family, especially anyone you know with connections to ucf. >> i bet some are ticked off that the university didn't say anything for about a month. thank you. you can follow the morning alerts each and every day on twitter. search the #8alert.
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arson nel of pipe bombs and guns isn't going anywhere soon. michael ramos is staying in jail at the order of a judge. at a raid at his apartments they found homemade pipe bombs. the days of paying an ex-spouse for life could be numbered. there are a few more obstacles to over come. it would end permanent alimony payments. once passed, the bill provides a framework for judges for how much and how long alimony should be awarded. >> we have seven family laws in tampa i can have the same facts and get seven different rulings. >> it has not been heard in the senate yet. governor rick scott vetoed a bill in 2013 that would have ended permanent alimony. happening today, the first in a series of job fairs to
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8 on your side is working to find out how many positions are open and how it is affecting our children. adrienne pedersen is live at kelly services located in lakeland where the job fair starts in a few hours you're trying to find out what this means for students and potential teachers. >> that's exactly right. good morning, gayle. we do know that there are seven job fairs in just the next few weeks. the first one starts here at 10 this morning at kelly services. so i'm working to find out how many substitute teacher and para professional teachers are open in the district. i did get an e-mail telling me they're not sure how many subs they need because it fluctuates on a daily basis. i'm trying to track down more information. i checked and substitute teachers in polk county make about $80 a day. now, there are seven chances for you to get hired in february. i put all those dates on our
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make sure our crew stays on top of the story to find out how many sub positions are needed and what exactly this means for students in the classroom every day. that is really what this is about, gayle. >> and i know that kelly likes to work with military members a lot because they bring so much into the classroom. so, if you're a member of our military, you might want to go. thanks adrienne! >> the time is 4:38 on this friday morning. >> and you can see from adrienne it is windy! we have cold air rushing in from the north. not only are the temperatures colder than yesterday, but the wind makes it feel even colder. so temperatures are falling as we speak. we'll be at 47 degrees at 8:00 a.m. but with that cold wind from the north all day, we'll struggle to warm up. i mean, look each hour! we have an 54, 10 degrees below average and then the temperatures start falling pretty quickly as we head through the evening hours.
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you'll stay -- inverness and crystal river, you'll stay in the 50s. 61 in tampa 62 in plant city. but believe it or not, this is how it will feel for the next eight days. we'll be in the low 60s or upper 50s for highs in this entire temperature spread of eight days. so keep those winter clothes handy. let's check in on traffic on the 8's. it is windy on some of the bridges. >> it is an scarf day. the bridge is open. but be careful. it is scary enough as it is let's look at traffic. we have a great drive out of polk county for those of you that work in lakeland or live in lakeland and commit to tampa. 22 minutes to i-4. let's talk about coming in and
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we have a disabled big rig. let's take a live look. you're routed around it. there it is. disabled big rig tying up lanes here southbound. center. around. so this is past urlich. fortunately traffic is light. no major delays but you'll be going to the shopper center for awhile. that is weather and and gayle. people are lining up for a big event in new port richey. >> why these foengz are willing to give up a -- folks are willing to give up some shut eye. >> see footage that captured a dangerous rescue. >> what happens when a
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. eight is on your side looking out for your health. in a few hours, hundreds of bay areas are expected to get their teeth cleaned and fixed for free. this event has been happening for 15 years.
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ryan, good morning, are people lining up there yet? >>reporter: gene, good morning to you. a chilly morning in newport richle but it is not stopping -- riche -- new port richey but it is not stopping from getting their teeth cleeped. people lined up when we got here after four in the morning. they had blankets because it is chilly. lawn chairs, we've even seen some tents. this dentist has helped with cleanings and cavities over the last decade and and a half. the idea is to help people who can't afford expensive dentist work or don't have insurance to get it done. here are the details regarding today's event. again, it is free. it gets under way at seven this morning at the dintist offices 5139 little -- dentist off 5139 little road. the doctor will treat the first 5 hundred patients.
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500 or so people expected here throughout the day. the group is credited with helping people roughly 450,000 people over the past 15 years in 48 states, gene, so it is a really good program. as you can see, a lot of people taking advantage of this good program this morning. >> 500 people in one day. they will be busy there. we'll check back with you. thanks. it is 4:45. leaders from across the globe will meet in london. the heads of state will pledge 10 million dollars. the united states vowed to give $890 million. the united agencies agencies is asking for money to fund schools shelters and jobs for the refugees. a $96 million transportation project built for trade with mexico is finally complete. it connects torino to guadeloupe mexico. mexico's president claims the
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busiest in the world with more than a million people crossing legally each day. right now, two new york city police officers are in the hospital after being shot while on patrol. police report the officers were monitoring a housing complex in the bronx when an armed man confronted them. one was shot in the face. the other hit in the stomach. the gun men ran from the scene and later committed suicide. this morning, the governor of pennsylvania is investigating allegations of cheating at the state police academy. 40 cadets in basic training were reportedly caught cheating on a test. investigators report recent graduates may have helped. the governor is waiting to see what the internal state police investigation turns up. it is a popular netflix series and now police in wisconsin believe making a murderer is tied to a real crime. according to authorities, a
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at the manitowoc sheriffs office. the caller said they were getting justice for steven avery. he is the focus of the docu-series. no explosives were found. a search is under way for a robber seen in this video. this is surveillance video from massachusetts. the crook grabbed the cash register but the clerk didn't let him get away without a fight. he grabs a stick after locking the door with a button behind the counter and starts swinging that stick. the chief used the the thief used the register to smash through the door. a man stranded on the side of a mountain for days is recovering this morning and the rescue was caught on camera. first responders repelled down to help the man from a helicopter hovering hundreds of feet in the air. look at this drop right here. officials report the man is homeless. he jumped a fence to set-up camp when he realized he couldn't get out.
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now to an 8 on your side alert. the food and drug administration is putting up another hurdle before it approved potentially addictive pain killers. the agency's pediatric advisory committee will weigh in before these drugs are approved for children. driverless vehicles are all of the hype. a driverless atv had plans of its own. watch that's barreled down the parking lot before doing doughnuts and back flips. they were able to stop the atv from hitting a power pole. but it is all damaged. the shop got a pretty good beating. >> when i looked at it two weeks later, that thing went up. the other one doesn't show it in such good view.
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word got around fast in this small town of 348 people. some wondering if casper was looking for a joy ride. luckily no one was hurt by the atv. wow! >> 4:48 is the time. >> all right. this morning, grab the extra coat. i know yesterday you needed the rain jacket. today it is more of the winter coat. temperatures are falling right now behind a cold front. 47 by 8:00 a.m. but that is not really the biggest news. the ambitionest news today will be the -- the biggest news today will be the strong winds. 54 at noon. keeps us from warming up all that much. still breezy at three with a high of only 61. look at lakeland. you dropped into the 40s. 48 now. the up near crystal river and inverness, you're at 45. 10 degrees warmer in southern areas. but it is windy everywhere. the winds are coming out of the north. the individual gusts, the blue numbers, getting up to 30 plus miles an hour.
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it is drier so we're clearing the skies out as we speak. sunny and breezy all day. look what happens tomorrow. winds come off of the atlantic ocean bringing in extra clouds. there is a 30% rain chance but it will help keep us cool most of next week. how about traffic on the 8's? >> i'll tell you what, we have good news here, iefrm i showed you the dis-- i remember i showed you the disabled vehicle tying up lanes and this is southbound on dale mabry highway. let's take another live look as we move out here it is all clear. isn't that wonderful. traffic is now moving. great disabled vehicle is out of lanes very, very good news. let's go back to the maps. we have another problem spot. right at u.s. 301. bunch of debris in the roadway. heads up as you're passing through the area that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> we're all excited for super bowl weekend. it is almost here. >> and those big fancy tvs are
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. the big super bowl game is this weekend and an estimated 189 million people are expected to tune in. >> many of those people wi showing their brand new tvs.
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for new tvs are looking at super bowl sales. consumer reports has suggestions for those looking to head up the sales. >> buy a tv not because it is the lowest price set because it is the lowest price set that will deliver the kind of quality you're looking for. >> they also advise against ultra hd tvs. the high-tech tvs offer more detail but the game won't be broadcast in ultra hd for another few years. try looking at the screens from different angles to make sure the picture gurz fluctuate -- the picture doesn't fluctuate. >> are you going to buy one? >> no. i'm happy with mine. >> weather and traffic on the 8's is three minutes away. >> the debt is piling up for profit college students. the reason some students believe they shouldn't have to pay off their loans and how they're
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. it is time for weather and traffic on the 8's on this chilly friday morning. in fact, in lakeland. you've dropped to 48 degrees but the dew point is down to 36 so windy. if fact, all day. with the sunshine. the breeze will hang around all day so that temperatures fall quickly again tonight under a mostly clear sky at 45 tonight but let's go through individual cities. plant city, tonight, you'll drop to 44. you'll drop to 41 in inverness tonight. 47 in sebring. i'll let you know how long we stay this chilly in february coming up. how about traffic on the 8's? >> we're checking out the carowood areas. the big rig has cleared from the highway. it was just past urlich road. everything is out of laeps and
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we have debris on the on ramp. that is eastbound here. keep in that in mind. heads up. there is a lot of debris there. use caution as you're moving on. we have a great driv highway 60. brandon boulevard is up to speed. let's take a live:00 at 275 and -- live look at 275 and roosevelt. it will only take you six
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